Teams and Users

Assign User as Creator

Assign a new user or change the user Learner role to a Creator role for the ability to create guides.

A Creator role allows the user to create guides and teams, view the workspace statistics, and much more.

To change the user from a Learner role to a Creator role, first, you need to log in to your workspace with your Admin account.

After you log in, click on the top little arrow next to your name, and click on Admin to go to your Admin Dashboard.

Click on Users. Here you can see all the Workspace users; click on a user row to see the user details.

Find the user in the user’s list, and click on the three dots next to it. On the Edit user pop-up window, change from Learner to Creator and click on the Change role button.

That’s it. You can see the user role in the list.

Repeat these steps to change the user back to a Learner role.

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